Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review HTC Snap CDMA

This time I want to review htc snap CDMA version. this phone is not officially sold in Indonesia. cool when you know its features. Qualcomm MSM7625 processor with 528 Mhz speed, fast enough to run applications on Windows Mobile 6.1 coupled with a magnitude of 2 MP camera is good enough for this phone. With the qwerty keyboard arrangement suitable for the send messages. for internet business, this phone is already supported by the EVDO rev. unfortunately flexi from Telkomflexi not support EVDO,but only 1X. With a capacity of 1500 mAh battery is enough to standby 3 days, other than that this phone is supported by GPS. When trying to feature GPS with Garmin Mobile XT application of GPS signal reception is very good and accurate.

For those who need access to email via POP3, the phone is already providing e-mail client so they can check email anywhere, plus features inner circle to filter incoming email. anyway this phone is really cool. to get it to browse to eBay or try to purchase kaskus forum, because although not enter Indonesia, but already many who have it.


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