Sunday, February 6, 2011

eMachines D725

Anyone know EMachines notebook? This is a lower class notebook from Acer. the price is cheap. I bought the D725 series. first glance very simple shape. there are only 2 USB ports, Memory 1 GB HDD 160 GBB, brains use dualcore T4200 2 GHz. for graphic use vga 4500 Intel MHD. tried to dual boot Windows 7 and Hackintosh. Windows 7 to use Ultimate version, and for Hackintosh use iatkos 10.5.5. Windows 7 detected all the hardware directly without its drivers, including wifi. to Hackintosh, need to install drivers. to use Atheros 5007G wifi since the trick I'll have to walk, although not perfect. for MHD 4500 vga driver not yet exist. forced in the patch let me walk in a resolution of 1366 x 768.

in fact bootingnya own Hackintosh is faster than Windows 7. plus can run the Vmware fusion application for OS virtualization. tried to install Windows XP and running smoothly along with the Hackintosh. D725 performance turned out to exceed the price. for more info can go


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