Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comparison of HTC Snap CDMA and Motorola Q CDMA

Currently in Indonesia began to bloom cdma smartphone, on this occasion I want to compare 2 cdma smartphone, the first from HTC HTC Snap or more famous for DOPOD product and the Motorola Q from Motorola.
1. Form
both are the same as adopting a candybar and a qwerty keypad. HTC Snap more elegant and looks more solid material, while the keypad is more comfortable moto Q.
2. OS
same as windows mobile, HTC Snap using version 6.1 while the moto q use version 5. obviously more convenient to use version 6.1 and there is internet sharing feature so easily shared with a computer, has been tested on Windows XP, 7, MacOS Leopard, Ubuntu.
3. Technology
HTC Snap uses technology EVDO Rev. A while moto Q EVDO Rev. 0. other than that Snap is equipped GPS.
4. battery
HTC Snap hold 2 days for normal use while the moto q is only 1 day
5. Audio
Q motto for business voice very loud and clear, while less clear HTC Snap
6. camera
HTC Snap uses the camera to powerful 2 mega pixel camera with no flash while the moto Q 1.3 mega pixel with flash
7. price
for the price of moto Q was Rp 500,000, - conditions BNIB (brand new in the box) official guarantee 1 year warranty, while the HTC Snap $ 120 condition used / refurbish on auction site Ebay (knowingly HTC does not make its official Snap Indonesia)


yonenx said...

teteeepppp..... q8... he..he..he...
evdo with spesial price..... :D

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