Tuesday, January 25, 2011

how to make ZTE S130 flexi chatting be a modem

today TelkomFlexi and ZTE mobile phone bundling flexi with S130 or better known as flexi chat. over the phone can be used to chat and facebook. but actually this phone can be used as a modem. what is needed is a mini usb cable and drivers ZTE S130. for drivers could use the driver ZTE C366, and can be downloaded here.

first install these drivers, after installed telkomflexi icon will appear in the network connection (Windows XP) or on the network and sharing center (windows 7), click 2 times after that enter your username (xxx @ free) and password (telkom) after that press connect button. S132 mobile phones can already be used for browsing. to get the username type reg harian / mingguan / bulanan (select one) and send to 2255. After that a reply containing the username and password


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