Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to inject Flexi into HTC Snap CDMA

I want to share the experience inject CDMA HTC Snap. operators that I use is flexi, HTC CDMA Snap itself was never an outstanding in Indonesia, but many in Indonesia who have it. HTC Snap that I use is ex sprint operator. to inject, what is needed is:

1. Akey
2. MDN
3. PRL

if it is available, first of all, copy flexi PRL file to sd card. after that the phone type in # #778# select edit mode and enter the unlock code (usually 000000 if you've unlocked), select menu PRL, PRL Update PRL file point to files that are copied to the sd card. after that the phone will restart. 1X logo will see on the homescreen. type ##778# again and select the menu Akey. Akey to include as many as 26 digits. NAM menu then select Settings. NAM Settings in the following contents:
1. MDN: no flexi without the number 0 in the area code. for example 0281-5779999 be 2815779999
2. MIN1: same as the MDN
3. MCC: 510
4. MNC: 00
5. IMSI: 51000MDN example: 510002815779999
6. True IMSI: same with IMSI
7. Access Overload: 7
to make unlimited internet access FlexiNet select M.IP Default Profile menu and fill out the following:
1. Enable profile: enabled
2. NAI: username FlexiNet. for example cjeb3tf @ free

after that save and then restart the phone and the phone is ready for use. to create a dial-up internet go to settings, connections, dial-up, choose new:
1. connects to: internet
2. phone number: # 777
3. username: same NAI
4. password: telkom
after that the phone can be used for access internet. for internet on laptop or computer can use the data cable and the phone menu select internet sharing.
there are some ex mobile phone operator abroad who are unable to insert Akey via ##778# the example is ex-operators Snap sprint like mine. to be put through CDMA workshop program. how to install the drivers HTC Diag to the computer, if not there can be download here. after that type ##3424# enter diag menu and then connect to the computer. CDMA Workshop open, adjust the COM port and click connect. Cave menu select the tab enter the number into the column DEC Akey's first 20 points only. automatically in the column will display the 6 digit checksum which is equal to 6 last digit in our Akey. after that see in the column will display 16 digits HEX convert the results of the DEC, copy it into a column Cave-key in the submenu and then click write, after that restart your phone.
oh yes this tutorial can also be applied in other HTC phones. because in principle almost all the same. cuman just look different.


Anonymous said...

Klo untuk fren gimana caranya...?

adhitya said...

prinsipnya sama cuma parameternya beda, untuk informasi min, mdn, dll bisa di dapat dari gerai fren pada saat mendaftarkan esn hp untuk di inject

TheXperiaDroid said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

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