Monday, March 14, 2011

Review Ndrive on HTC Snap

This time I will give a review NDrive GPS software which is installed into the Windows Mobile Standard (smartphone). smartphone that I use is a Snap htc windows mobiles tandard that uses version 6.1 while for me to use gps software NDrive version 10.1.15.NDrive actually is intended for Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen), but when I try to install on my smartphone was a success and ran smoothly. His install was fairly easy. simply copy the folder 2577 and folder NDrive to the root of memory. to map, justcopy the map file to a folder in the folder NDrive. at the time took a long time trying to lock the satellite position, unlike the Garmin Mobile XT is fast enough to lock the position of the satellite. to the view, more interesting than the Garmin Mobile XTbecause we can see buildings in 3D view.

it's just for Indonesia is not as complete a map of garmin mobile XT. for the search, I was upset because at the time of entering the letter "e" turns that appears the number "2 ". it is understandable because this software is actually intended for a touchscreen device. I tried to use software fake cursor. for those wishing to try can download here, while for Indonesia map can be downloaded here


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